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Mar Mari Emmanuel


-Mar Mari Emmanuel is a bishop of the East Syriac rite. Within this tradition you have at least the Assyrian Church of the East (who stand alone since the 2nd ecumenical council) and the Chaldeans who were grafted to the Catholic Church. Their West Syriac brethren that are in our Afroasiatic communion are under His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, and there are Maronites grafted to the Catholic Church.

-mar is an East Syriac title meaning lord; mor is the West Syriac expression of the same title. we use it in the tewahdo tradition in reference to mar yishaq (St. Isaac the Syrian); one of the three monks whose works we have preserved in metshafe menekwesat (the book of monks). My rum (Eastern Roman; Greek Orthodox) Syrian friend, who runs a bomb Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in the Inland Empire, jokingly calls me Mar Elias. My first name is difficult for him to remember, but he knows a million Eliases.

-Not just linguistically, within the Semitic language family, but also genetically, Assyrians are one of the closest population groups to habesha within the West Asian cluster

-May this evil be turned to good; into a witness and confession of Christ throughout the world. May God grant Mar Mari Emmanuel strength and many, many years!

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