Feb 11, 2021 • 2M

Our Lady Maryam Song

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A critical examination of the sacred scriptures, as they are read-aloud by a dedicated student of Aksum, Alexandria, and Antioch—and member of the Ephesus School Network.
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Over a few years, I translated, sang, and compiled two to three score spiritual songs, predominately of the chebchebo and mahiléte ginbo variety at Tewahido. Recently, I have stressed the importance of and my preference for the eucharistic liturgy and the liturgy of the hours. Nevertheless, I firmly believe there is a place for these types of songs, and so from time-to-time I have worked with talented singers raised in our tradition. A few parishes in Seattle, one in Atlanta, and some in the Bay Area have all used my translations or edits to them.

I encourage this! This here is from one of the disciples of the Chief of Tongues Dcn. Birhanu in Seattle. It blends genres and tongues as a chebchebo of a line from the liturgy of hours, rendered in Ge’ez, Amharic, and English. Enjoy. And spread the good news.