The Messengers Praise Her

Holy Virgin Mary

I am often an early adopter of tingz technological, but I play and dabble too much rather than enduring. Having become conscious of this a few years ago, I have gone out of my way to remedy this, because he who endures to the end will be saved. I am playing with the video beta of Substack right now, and have failed to upload a large video three times over two days.

In an attempt to be humble and sit down, I am presenting you with a video just under five minutes, whose intro should be irrelevant to you, but whose main content is a translation of The Messengers Praise Her (yiwédiswa melaikt) from Ge’ez to English by yours truly. This text is one part of what is called qal timhrt (lit. word teaching); prayers that the Church expects you to memorize by hearing, with ears that hear, alone.

I hope this upload and processing works. I hope you benefit spiritually from hearing this text read aloud and recited.

H.E. Negash